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Happy and scared at the same time

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Well i just got my legend 91 LS with 79,000 miles and in excellent condition. Im so happy with the way this car drives its just so smooth and graceful. But im also scared for my baby i live in Newark NJ one of the countries biggest car theft county even though it has 2 alarms it wont stop those who really want it. So want am i to do i got a factory alarm and the second alarm is just childs play some no frills brand. I really need some suggestions fast because they only need 1 minute and your car would be gone the question is how much do i spend and to what measures do i go to secure my baby. I havent did any mods on it yet but thats coming soon so before i do anything i really need a secure system in place i seen clifford alarms mentioned several times. What about a club are the foot one would that be any kind of deterrent for the car thief i need help. Well ill be waiting to see some good advice from you guys believe me i learned alot from all of you and i hope i can learn alot more.


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