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hard to shift into first gear sometimes

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Sometimes when i'm driving I have a hard time shifting into 1st gear. Is my clutch worn down or is my 1st gear worn? What can I do to fix this?
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Do you mean while you are moving, or stopped? If moving, I can never get it into 1st (well, maybe under 5mph or so) unless I match the revs. I'm thinking there must be a lockout or something that prevents you from jamming it into 1st under higher speeds (like reverse).

Now if you mean while stopped, then that is definitly a problem
While stopped.
Sometimes it's just hard to shift into first. I have to wiggle it back into neutral and wiggle it back into first. What kind of problem is it?
Same here

I sometimes get the same problem where it seems to not be fully in gear. So I put it in neutral; take my foot off the clutch; then reapply the clutch and it goes in gear just fine

BTW this is only happening from an stop and not all the time.

Would this be something the "rear tranny mount" would fix? because I have not yet replaced it.
this only happens sometimes with me also. should i be worried about this?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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