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I was browsing cardomain and stumbled upon a NICE G1 coupe, I had to share. Maybe some of the OGs' remember it. According to the cardomain article the four time National/World Champion Acura Legend, has a new owner.

Way back in the day, Ben lusted after this industry-changing Acura, and recently, he started wondering exactly what had happened to it. Little did he know he'd eventually wind up owning it.

"To me, Kimura's Legend has always the perfect car. It had great looks, was built by one of the preeminent shops of the day, and was vastly understated."

"Imagine my surprise when I stumbled on this post on the CarSound forum!"

"As bad as I hate to do it, I have decided to place the Acura Legend that was built by Speakerworks for Harry Kimura for sale. I purchased the car 5 years ago from Speakerworks and have put less than 5, 000 additional miles on it. The car has been parked for some time in a large shop where it was protected from the elements. It is in need of two new batteries, all new tires, and probably a tune up. I have not started the car in some time, but the last time I did everything worked beautifully. It features two USD audio horns, 10" midbass, and 15" subs in a aperiodic enclosure powered by 4 Crossfire amps. The signal comes from a highly modified Alpine 7909 then to two Rane 30 band eqs. Physically the car does not differ any from these photos other than that it really needs a good detailing interior and exterior, and that the stickers on the rocker panels have been removed.
I have no doubt that this car could kick some serious *** in competitions. It really sickens me to have to sell it but I've had a relapse of some medical problems and have a bunch of other projects going on too. So send me some offers."
::V:: Some pics ::V::

" was trailered back down to Atlanta to Audio Designs of Atlanta for a full restore and refresh. Stay tuned for more pictures and progress on the build!"

Hopefully he'll show up on the forums.
The original article here.
Car Audio/Stereo at SoundDomain: Rebirth of A Sound Quality Legend - Part One

::V:: Some old pics from the Speaker Works' gallery ::V::

"The Alpine 7909 CD Player was flush mounted into the woodgrain dash. In this picture, you can also see the USD Audio WaveGuides that the car uses. The car first competed with USD Audio 4" plate speakers in the kickpanels; it was a winner then too."

"Two 30 band, 1/3 octave mono equalizers were located on the left side of the car. Next to them was an electronic crossover. The faceplates of the EQs and crossover are painted to match the car. The car is using Crossfire amplifiers in this picture. The amplifiers have been changed numerous times over the car's lifetime."

"With covers in place, the trunk maintains a very stock appearance. The spare tire was built out of a matching wheel. In order to make it fit, the wheel was cut into two pieces and narrowed. At the time this car was competing, having removed the spare tire was a big no-no."

"After it's first year, the Acura used a six speaker setup similar to that of the Buick Grand National. However, while the car did utilize the USD Pro15b subwoofers, the midbass were 10". In this picture of the back seat, remember that 15" speakers are behind the seat and 10" midwoofers are in each rear quarter panel. It looks totally stock."

Link here.
SpeakerWorks/USD Audio Install Gallery

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^ that would be hot.

Let me set the record straight; I don't like anything about the logos (definitely didn't know they were painted :(), and I have to admit the rim design is kinda dated, although their fitment is on point.

I just posted it because I've NEVER heard of a Legend that won/wins sound competitions. Plus it has a really clean stealthy audio setup. I'm always proud to see a Legend being a champ at something, sound comp, drag race, autox, showcar, etc....

I do like the paint, very fresh. The shaved trunk with L E G E N D would look great.

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i like it. i really really like it.

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Hey that's my old Legend!!!

I loved that car and it was really hard to let it go back in the mid 90's.

I bought it new in 87 from a dealer in downtown LA. Bought it for the sole purpose of winning the Car Audio Nationals championship....4 world titles later it was time to move on.

I shaved off all the emblems because I was getting tired of picking out all the wax that used to build up on them. :)

The window things were cool back then, like the mini-truck scene, everybody painted something on their windows. Now...not so much.

Some info on the car as I remember it:

The car was much lower when I had it, no wheel gap. Used eibachs with about a 1 - 1.5 coils cutoff. Tokico shocks.

The wheels on that car are 17" AZEVs with the inner rim/spoke painted to match the car. I had mirrored plexi bezel cut adhered to the center cap recess. The spare was a real AZEV with half of it cut out in the center to hold a space-saver tire.

All the wood is real and had it made with a custom opening to fit the Alpine 7909 flush. The cruise/radio controls volume/tracking/power on the CD player.

Had a custom small case GM alternator made for the car since there was no direct replacement ND H.O. alternator available.

The car had 2 15" subs in a Aperiodic enclosure, 2 10" midwoofers in the rear deck, 2 USD waveguide compression drivers under the dash.

I retained 90% of the original trunk, was a big deal for me.

It had a Walker muffler with custom piping made.

Before I sold it to Speaker Works, it had 3 Alpine 3545 amps...roughly 1500W for high-efficiency drivers.

Lots of cool ideas in the car for audio, like carbon fiber panels (remember this was in the late 80s - early 90s), lots of machining work for connectors, push-release/magnet panel attachments, kevlar, automatic volume lowering on vehicle turn off, safety wiring, etc.

Anyhow, thanks for the mention, this car was and is very special to me.

Harry Kimura
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