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ok my friend has a 95 legend i believe, but im not has a V6 that is for sure, 3.0L i believe, it has a blown head gsaket, his dad asked me to replace it, but here is the question, when replacing it, i first drain the oil, drain teh coolant, disconnect teh inatake manifold, and exhaust manifold, then i remove valve cover, disconnect the timing chain sprocket that connects to the cam gears, then where are the nuts or bolts that hold the head to the block, a pic would be great. i also know im going to need a new vavle cover gasket as well, and when putting on the chain sprokcet back on, how would i go about doing that, do i just mount it back on by lining up the screws, or when taking it off, i mark it some how so that i put it back on exactly the way it was

1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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