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after i grounded my low beams the high beam indicator light stopped working, i dont know what your problem is but it could possibly be similar... like my low beams being grounded directly to the battery and bypassing the relay made the high beam indicator go out, so if your low beams arent putting out any power it may also be making the indicator not work. i dont know why the low beams arent working in the first place though... pull the bulbs and look and see if the low beam elements are blown. if you have a test light or a voltage reader check the low beam terminals on the plug for power. also check for melted wires at the plug or try shorting the lighting relay to see if they come on that way.

when did this start happening? did you mess with anything underthe hood before hand or hit anything?

oh, and if you need any lighting relays or anything i can get them for you
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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