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A couple weeks ago the headlight switch on the blinker stalk started going wacky. Now when I turn the headlights on, the dashlights don't work, unless I turn the switch back about an eigth of an inch--away from regular switch stop. This ineviteably slips back to the regular stop, making the dash lights go out... Quite a distraction while driving.

A friend of mine with a 2 dr. G1 said she had run accross the same problem with other Honda built cars--and had to replace the whole blinker stalk.

Anyone else run across this? I'd rather not go to the expense of replacing the stalk, if I can avoid it....

I was thinking of maybe some TV tuner cleaner like they used to sell at Radio Shack (who has a mechanical tuner anymore to clean?) or maybe some WD 40 will work.

Anyone have any suggestions???
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