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headunit help

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Hey guys, I installed my headunit a couple weeks ago along with the ford taurus cup holder mod. Since there was no mounting kit installed the metal sleeve for the hu shows and there are gaps on the left and right side. How do i get rid of these gaps?

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if the HU is in without mounting sleeves... there still should be a plastic trim cover that goes with your HU... its just basically a plastic ring that goes around your HU to hide the gaps.

basically something like this:

its the black plastic thing.
oh... i bought my hu off ebay so i guess it didn't come with it. Do they sell rings seperately?
depends... try searching on ebay for your specific model

eclipse arent really popular except to the SQ audiophiles so you should be able to find one for your make
if its like alpine,panasonic,jvc,etc check like bestbuy or circuitcity or local audio stores. they usualy hav some layin around(i kno i did wen workin at ccity)
its a pioneer 7700... Well looks like i gotta go hunting!
Dude if its only the trim ring that you you have a local swapmeet or flea market in your area (they are usually like weekly or bi-weekly) If you go over there I'm willing to bet there will be at least one stereo vendor that sells TONS of Harness adaptors, OEM harnesses, Trim rings, mounting hardware, faceplate cases, etc.

I have seen these trim rings go for as little as 50 cents at might want to check it out man! Good luck! :D
hmm good idea. I'll check it out this weekend!
ccity carreis the 7700, and possibly bestbuy
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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