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HEY ALL, i been watchin this site for a while now and just now have regestered. I have recently bought a 92 acura vigor, it has about 280 thousand kms, but the car is in damn good cond for what i bought it for (500$ canadian)

I however ran into a lil problem...

after installing my system from my old car, everything strated going screwy, the engine light started turning on and the car would feel like it has lost power when the light came on. the battery light would come on (its a brand new battery)
and than on new years eve i was driving and all the gauges started going all crazy! like going up and down and lights started flickering the deck started turning on and off, and than after that everything went DEAD! the car was still on but none of the gauges worked and the lights were dim, and the car was on idle engine running but was reving all wired, rev high than low high than low.....

i turned the car off cuz i was at my destination and than when i tried to turn the car back on it wouldnt start......all the lights would turn on as normal like when i go to start the car but when i turn the key to ignittion....nothing! not even a sound at all from under the hood, i can hear the gas pump...and all the lights go on but the engine itself or anything else for that matter under the hood makes a sound at all! not even the starter!

if anyone has ANY information at ALL id be verry thankfull!!!! PLEASE HELP!
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sounds like the alternator went dead after you turned it off
i was thinkin that too.....but how will i know if that is infact the prob? :confused:
no power could be a vacuum leak, and or fuel pump going bad
vacume leak? where would i look to see if thats what it is? :confused:

as for the gas pump.....i dont think thats it cuz after all the electronics went all crazy the car was still running
Definately sounds like an alternator. Your description makes me think it didn't go flatline, but very very close. See, it takes more juice to start the car than it does to run it. While you were driving the alternator was spitting back just enough power to keep the cylinders firing, but wasn't able to supply the charge needed to run the peripherals or recharge the battery for the next start.
Installing your system was the straw that broke the camel's back- it was probably old and tired already and the additional demand for power cooked it. I haven't done it in my legend, but as I've mentioned before, I killed more than my fair share in my old S-10.
Buy a volt meter, check the battery voltage with it off. should be at least 12 volts.
Start it up(may have to jump it), check the voltage at the battery again. Should be between 13.0-14.5. If it is less than the first test the alternator is not working.
If it is between 13.0-14.5 the battery is bad. These are the most common problems.
In some rare cases the battery could be shorted internally and it won't read over 12 volts even if the alternator is good. In this case a good battery would have to be installed to get an acurate test.

When the system voltage drops below 11.5 volts things will start acting crazy and eventually it will shut down when the voltage gets too low to support ignition.
ahhhh ok yes i think that may be it.....and i guess thats why the engine light would come on, because the alternator wasent sending enough power to it from the system drowning out the power...

as for the battery itslef, i used one of those portable chargers the day of the breakdown and when ihooked it up to the battery, the charger said the battery was half full, if the alternator IS infact tha problem which im thinking grant and 4doorYooper are right than the battery would of lost power from the alternator not recharging the battery...

i did however recharge it that night with the recharger and the battery is full now...and still duzznt start...

so i guess its off to get a new alternator, i hope that thats the problem
and thanks all for your information! im much in thanks!
i did however recharge it that night with the recharger and the battery is full now...and still duzznt start...
If the battery if showing full and it doesn't turn over then you still have a battery problem. The alternator will not keep it from starting if the battery is good.

Try a different battery or jumping it off. If it turns over then your old battery is still the problem. It can still be shorted and show full charge on the machine.
hmmmm so IF the alternator is blown the car would still start??

i mean everything else in the car works all the lights n stuff, even the headlights, just no responce from ignition....
hmmmm so IF the alternator is blown the car would still start??
Yes, and run until the voltage in the battery gets drained(since the alt. not charging) too low to support ignition.

so than the battey got shorted.....

for sum reason i think finding the problem to this is going to be like lookin for a needle in a hay stack!
It shouldn't be all that difficult if you follow what jetdoc's said. I was doing this stuff on my own in the driveway at 16, it doesn't take much know-how. You can even take the battery to either NAPA or autozone (don't remember which) and they can test it for you on the spot to get that variable out of the way-- or you can get the multi-meter and do what he explained above. If the battery is good, charge it up and put it back in. If it dies again, you're alternator isn't supplying enough juice to sustain the necessary charge. At that point, you replace the alternator and try again with the same (recharged) battery. If it still isn't right, replace the battery too.

P.S. If you run a battery down to nothing too many times, it'll stop holding a charge and be worthless, so the quicker you figure it out, the less likely it is that you'll need to replace that too.
yeah just take your battery to any like napa or autozone wich ever parts store they have in canada if your battery is dead than it's your alternator that is bad. you can get that checked also just take it off and take it to the same place and they should be able to check it. Vigs are great i own one also i have a 92 Vigor GS and 92 legend L. Personally i think they designed the Vigs interior alittle bit better than the Legend i love all the Wood Grain trim in the vig it looks more luxurious
yea thats what i like about it.....and also WAYYYY more spaceous than my old car..........(nissan 240SX)

good car but like i always say every older car has a personality of its own so u gotta get to know it, im still getting to know this vig....

i DO know tho that when i bought it the battery it came with couldnt hold a charge either, BUT when ud try to start it ud at least hear a click fron the starter, in this case there ante no click at all, but im going to bring the battery in 2morro and see if thats it cuz i still got a warinty on it

thanx again yall for the info
if the battery couldnt hold a charge when you bought it, a battery is the first thing you shoulda bought. you said you just installed a system, after market systems take alot of juice. if you take it to canadian tire they will charge you 30 bucks to test the battery and charge it if its good and another 30 to test the off just buy a new battery, you needed one any ways.

and check our connections to the battery incase. on my friends vigor, he would try to start it then it wouldnt work at all, no sound no lights nothing. when i looked at it, the connectors where crap and when he turned the key it would spark and the cables would shift making it die then he coulndt start it till he played with the wire
a new batter was the 1st thing i bought! its a brand new battery! thats y im sittin here wonderin where this problem is comin from....

check my 1st post on page 1 it explains what happend when it all started
well your battery was dead thats for sure it work make a clicking sound when you turn the key when its almost completely drained. you still have power because you said the lights turn on. did you put subs in your car? did you accidently hook the acc wire on your stereo to the 12v? that would drain your battery till almost dead pretty quick

ps. the vigor was the honestly most annoying thing to put a system in. took me almost the whole day. and the legend only took me 30 mins including all the wiring to bypass the factory amp. that vigor pissed me off real good
nah all the wireing i did and tripple checked myself.....and the battery as it is now has plenty of juce in it to start the car, i even recharged it to make shure that it was full....

and still nothin, all the lights turn on, when u put the car in tha on position the lights by the gauges turn on like normal, everythings normal except theres no ignition at all and no sound to even suggest power going to anything under the hood at all, just silence
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