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Hello All

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Hey Folks,

My name is Doug and I'm long overdue in joining this site.

My first Legend was purchased while shopping for a 5-series BMW. I've recently purchased my fourth Legend now. The first was a '92 5-speed that gave it's life saving me from a very stupid mistake I made entering an off-ramp. I went from over 55mph to 0mph in one foot....without a scratch or bruise on me. From that day, I've been a devoted fan of the car.

The next one was a '93 LS 6-speed that I had found it in an aircraft hangar in Nashville, TN with 58k on it (around 2001). The test drive was 1100 miles. It received a $7000 paint job to change it from "arrest me red" to "charcoal gray", after it already had over 200k miles on it. About six years ago, I gave the car to a friend in Ohio, he drove it a couple years, mentioned he wasn't using it anymore, gave it back and I've had it ever since. It has somewhere way to the north of 300k miles on it with the original engine, transmission, exhaust, etc. Unbelievable. Probably my favorite car of all time and I've owned quite a few.

I found the '95 L 6-speed in Indiana about 2-3 years ago. It had 81k original miles on it and obviously had had an easy life. It's the white car used in the Avatar pic. I think the previous owner had advertised it here, if I remember correctly. It now has almost 87k miles on it and it's only driven twice a week, just to keep everything healthy. It had been lowered, new rims, tint, intake, Stromung exhaust, and an audio system that's way over-the-top.

Last, but not least, I just found a '94 LS 6-speed in Orlando with about 121k on it with original gold/beige paint. I flew down there and drove it back last week. I have to replace the Bose amp which is whining behind the seat but other than that, it seems pretty solid.

I'll be giving the '93 to my buddy who's also the mechanic keeping my whole fleet running. There's also an AMG S55 Mercedes fighting with the Acuras for garage space....and losing every time.

So hello to all of you semi-rabid fans of this awesome car.
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welcome to the fourms.
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