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Hello from Alabama

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Hi guys. I have a 1994 M6 Legend Coupe with 188k on the clock I picked up back in September. It had a dead fuel pump when I bought it. I replaced that and I put around 4k miles on it and now it has what is looking like a blown head gasket. I am planning to do a compression test tomorrow to try to be for sure. From the symptoms it has and what I have read lurking around here, I am 99.9% sure that is the case. It looks like you guys have a fairly informative forum on these little cars, so maybe I can pick up any extra info I need on doing the job from here.
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Welcome and hope the storm didn't mess up any of your love 1's.
Thanks for welcome guys. No losses from the storms for my family, thankfully.

I have been reading some more, and I think I will try a thermostat in my car before I go to pulling the heads off. I checked the compression last night with the engine cold and it yielded 140-155 lbs across the board. I did it the old fashioned way...I disabled the ignition and spun the motor with the starter with the throttle wide open.

I actually got my car because it was cheap. I gave $800 for it with a bad fuel pump. I put a sedan fuel pump in it because the parts stores did not have one for the coupe. It had a new clutch kit put in and for drove one time and the fuel pump died. I kind of feel bad around all you guys because you all seem to really love these cars and I only have mine because it was cheap.
What makes you think you have a BHG?
I can fill it completely up with coolant and make a trip up the road and it will have pushed a good portion of the water out. I also noticed this morning, after drilling a small hole in the thermostat to ensure that air could not get trapped behind it, that while it is running with the rad. cap off it will keep pushing bubbles out of the coolant but the coolant level never goes down. Usually when one is just "burping" the rest of the air out the level drops with every bubble.

Every bubble has the scent of "crankcase" to me also. It seems that is is pushing compression into the water jacket. I was planning to fix it, but I am seriously considering junking it. By the time I keep the battery and tires/wheels along with the cool Pioneer Cassette/CD player and the amp and sub in the trunk I probably won't lose much money at all.
Don't feel bad I love legends and own and have owned over 10 of them. But it's far from my fav. Car.
It is possessed by the blue devil now. It's not fixed but it is drivable again.
Not the the blue devil gasket stuff! If so start looking for a new motor or plans to rebuild that 1
Is your car a LS 1994 coupe with the GS wheels on it?
Not the the blue devil gasket stuff! If so start looking for a new motor or plans to rebuild that 1
I have no plans of either. If it kills it, it will be laid to rest at the junk yard or the crusher. Whichever is willing to pay me more.

Is your car a LS 1994 coupe with the GS wheels on it?
It's a for the wheels and the trim level you will have to tell me. I don't have a clue.
That would be a "L" coupe with that wheel package.
Well it seems the blue devil solved the head gasket problem, but the pressure ruined the seals in the water pump. It was probably due one since it has 188k and DIDN'T GET ONE WITH THE TIMING BELT!!! I thought any mechanic worth his sauce would put one on any car that had a timing belt powered water pump. Heck, it's a fairly expensive pump for a Chevy LT1, and you replace it anytime you pull it to do work on the distributor.
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