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I take care of my auto tranny (get the fluid changed once a year or so and I only drive about 5K each year).

As far as what has gone:
-Horn needed replaced in 2002
-New emergency brake installed in 2003
-Stuff that's supposed to wear out at times, like brakes and the timing belt, have been replaced at their proper intervals according to wear/mileage/age
-Power antennas can stick (mine has been stuck since 2003, seems common on 1986-1990 Legends and 1986-1993 Accords)
-Rust around the wheels (had some repaired in 1998, current rust is very minor, this problem is common on ALL Hondas)
-Faulty security alarm (read my post about it)
-Trim clip needs replaced (just something that happened with age)

As far as other countries, I know it's the Honda Legend sedan in Japan and Australia. Not sure about France or any European country for that matter. Our Acuras in the US have no Honda logo (or Acura "A") on first generation Legends where the "H" should be on a foreign model.

I'm not a mechanical expert so I'm not sure about ALB (sometimes called ABS) being disconnected. I do know that ALB is considered safer than regular brakes. I got my car (records and all) from my grandparents about a year and a half ago and they told me that ALB was very important--I have a 1988 without an airbag.

Out of curiosity, how many miles on this coupe you're looking at? And does it have all the maintence records?
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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