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guegan said:

I'm french and i'm thinking about buying 89' Legend Coupé with Automatic gearbox.

I post on this US forum because Legend is not a best seller in France, so there's not a lot of forum...

I have some question about legend Coupé mk1 :

Is there some known probleme of reliability (mechanical, electrical...)?? What must I check in a first time?

Do the american drivers have problems with automatic gear box? because in France, it seems that it's not very reliable on the Legend (maybe the differences between US way of driving and French way of driving?)

Is it possible to disconnect ALB? Because, repairing ALB is not cheap...

Could you tell me the differents between US model, european model, australian model and japanese model? (i saw the different name,the corner lights, the rear lights, but i've read that the interiors are differents but i don't understand...)

Thanks a lot!

I'm also interesting in Us cars, I've ride for 3 years in Buick Century Coupe '74. There are a lot of american cars owners in France.Do US people talk about French cars?
Welcome to our Legend Family! We do have many people here from many different continents. I do believe you are the first from France though. You might also want to check out If you go there tell MikeD and Kevin that Lee from A-L said hi! The only problem is that all of the activity is in the German forum. If you can speak German you should be set.

Either way have fun around here too. We have tons of information in the search function. Make sure to try the advanced search too.

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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