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I agree with them...

I concur with the previous posters--if you don't know when the water pump and timing belt were last replaced, plan on getting it done as soon as you can, for preventive maintenance (or maybe peace of mind.)
You asked about what else to look for:
>wheel well rust--Hondas/Acuras are known for this problem.
>transmissions on generation 1 Acuras are over 15 years old, so be prepared for troubles.
> check the electric powered windows. If they don't work, are you prepared to diagnose them, and then perhaps replace the motors?
> oxygen sensors might need replacing.

As for Americans discussing French cars...I imagine it happens somewhere, but not very often. Most Americans have never really experienced French cars.
My family, however, once owned two Peugeots--a 504 sedan and 504 wagon (diesel engines). They were pretty good cars, but hard to find parts for.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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