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Jenifer T said:
Hi all,
Our '94 Legend needs a bunch of work all at the same time. My car guy says he is having a hard time finding after market parts for any of this and could only get prices from the dealer (I've put those parts prices in parentheses after the part). We both are trying to find alternative parts - from a yard or an individual or whatever.

The car needs: a new muffler system from the converter on back (muffler $360, extension pipe $180, gasket $10), a blower motor power transmitter ($158), and a window switch (that broke off - $541). Of course, labor will be on top of this.

We live in Akron, Ohio (Hi Mike Diaz! Go Zips!) and any help anyone can give us is *greatly* appreciated!

Jenifer T.
If you know to say Hi to Mike Diaz you are half way there. Bribe him into doing the work for cheap.

For the price of that muffler you can get a Stromung muffler. For some more, and a quieter sound, you can get the Remus. To save cash just find one with the same inlet size and will fit in the opening for the muffler and install that. Any muffler shop could knock this out. I can not assure the sound though.

The blower motor transistor is new to me, but I imagine it is near the blower motor. That is a pain to get too, but not bad if you have done it many times (Diaz :p ). I would call Acura of Augusta and order a new OEM part. You will save 20% and thier shipping is not bad at all. With a part like this you can not really rely on used parts, and with the difficulty to change it you don't want to run this risk.

For the window switch you can follow the previous advice of checking Ebay. Also many salvage yards have them. You can try . Once you fill out that form you will get quite a few emails from salvage yards that have this part. They will tell you the cost with shipping in some cases.

Good Luck!


BTW = This is nothing but normal repairs for the Legend.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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