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Hi all,
Our '94 Legend needs a bunch of work all at the same time. My car guy says he is having a hard time finding after market parts for any of this and could only get prices from the dealer (I've put those parts prices in parentheses after the part). We both are trying to find alternative parts - from a yard or an individual or whatever.

The car needs: a new muffler system from the converter on back (muffler $360, extension pipe $180, gasket $10), a blower motor power transmitter ($158), and a window switch (that broke off - $541). Of course, labor will be on top of this.

We live in Akron, Ohio (Hi Mike Diaz! Go Zips!) and any help anyone can give us is *greatly* appreciated!

Jenifer T.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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