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i just turned 16 and i have 1990 acura legend w/ 90k miles on it and no work done to it, what is the first thing i should do to it to up the performance? i want to be able to beat anyone on the road, any help and info would be greatly appreciated, thanks:)
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first thing is get the car a tune up if you haven't done so already. Is it a/t or m/t? Realize that the Legend isn't the fastest car around (espically a G1), but it's quick enought to hold it's own ground and get some respect. After the tune up, I would recomend something in the way of an intake system... this is going to be difficult if you have a auto tranny. If you got a 5-speed, smooth sailing, you can go and pick up a Weapon R system and pop her right in.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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