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help!!! fans not kicking on

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hello everyone. im in desperate needs of some help trying to find out why my cooling fans dont turn on. i have a 93 legend that keeps overheating. reason is because the fans dont kick on. engine temp gets past half way mark and still fans dont turn on. only time they turn on is when i turn ac on. but even then they cycle off and on and my car will eventually overheat. so far i have checked both relays that are by the upper radiator hose, fuses and relay by rear passanger side of the engine bay. i dont know what else i should check. i dont want to just jump it to were they are constantly running. can someone tell me what all components are related to the radiator fans?
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another question. is the temp sensor(bottom of radiator) the one that gives you the temp on the speedometer? if its showing the temp getting hot when its overheating and cool at start, does that means its working correctly?
There's also a sensor right next to the left fuel rail cover. The temp gauge is working as it should.
Please look at the online manual which is stickied at the top of the page, here is the reference to your fans: Acura Legend Online Service Manual (Page: 1063) Please look also at the next page as it shows the locations of the fan controller. On about the 4th or 5th page is a description of how the system works, including the fact that when the coolant temp goes above 228 F the A/C will be shut off.
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