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Help! How do I remove my rear wheels?

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I am replacing my brakes on my '95 sedan SE and when I got to the rear wheels I can't get it off! It looks like there is a round metal plate in the middle of the lug nuts and I don't have any idea how to get that plate off! Any help would greatly appreciated! Thankx
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Can you give a little more detail... I'm tired, confused, annoyed, dazed. I can't quit picture the problem.
yes, these are factory tires and wheels. I am getting my new wheels and tires this week and wanted to replace the brakes before I get them. I pryed off the center cap that says "ACURA" on it to get to the lug nuts, I can get the lugs off but the tire doesn't come off because of that same circular metal plate that is in the middle of the lug nuts. I am so frustrated!
this is caused by corrosion holding it to the car, iv had this problem and the best thing to do is sit down infront of the tire and kick eathier side right then left , right then well u get the point it will start to wiggle and it will come off
I will try that tomorrow. Hopefully that is what it is.
Yeah, I think the same as Roger. Just give it a kick and it should pry loose. I don't think the center has anything to do with why the wheel isn't coming off. Good luck :) !
Thanks guys! I just kicked the tire a couple times and then pushed and pulled on the tire for awhile and it finally came loose! Ya, it was rusted on. Took care of that though, I sprayed some WD-40 on there and took a wire brush and brushed the hell out of it. Thanks for your input.
also want to make sure you don't have the parking brake on :)

Not that I've done it before or anything... Just an idea.:rolleyes:

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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