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HELP I can't decide!!!

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I have the funds for either a new brake system or a set of HID's? Which should I buy? Obviously brakes are good to have when yours are going mine are! But, HID's are sweet!!!!! Which should I buy? I won the HID's on E-bay a while back and I keep telling this guy that I'll pay him for them so he doesn't give me neg. feedback but, brakes are tempting...brembo cross-drilled rotors, and ebc brake pads!! Please help...thanx!!
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I like flossin, so I'd rather peep the hoes than stop on a dime.

I would say if you get the HID already, pay it man. Otherwise you're going to be reported to ebay as deadbidders, and your bidding previledge might be compromised, and personally, as an ebay seller, I would be pissed if someone is playing around with my auction.

But, if you haven't got the HID from ebay, I would say brake is more important than HID. You can sacrifice lighting a bit by using higher wattage bulb and wiring harness, but bad brakes........, it's a bad no no man.
GoldenCoupe, guess Alexander's post made me re-read yournz.

If your brakes are bad - then by all means brother, tend to your brakes first.

i disagree with knlngus on this one - as a bidder (and potential seller) on ebay, i think it is in his best interest to pay for the hid's first, and save up for brakes. it is more of a moral decision than anything else. do the right thing and pay for those hid's.

yeah, pay for what you promised.
Goldencoupe, I thought you already had real HID's...Correct me if I'm wrong....???
Right now all I have are some Silverstar wannabe HID headlight bulbs...My TL has HID's, and is the reason I was motivated to put some on my Legend...since I drive it more often!
Yes, I'd say attend to your promise on ebay. If you need the brakes, it just looks like you have to buy both very soon. As an ebay user, I say you are obligated to pay the man for the HID lights. If you need brakes on top of that, you just need to come up with the extra cash for it. It your brakes are really that bad and you need pads right away, you might just have to go get some cheap reybestos pads from the auto parts store untill you can get the EBC pads.
pay for the HIDs asap. You've already made the promise so you should do it, be a man.

just remember that next time, get your brakes first. Ain't fun to rear end someone and break your nice new HIDs.
claus44 - you have me laughing.

GoldenCoupe, I have to flip flop (again).

If you do have the funds and have commited to yourself to an auction - then I say you should back up that check.

But that doesn't excuse the importants of your brakes.

Just take your rotors in to be turned at track auto ($7.00 per rotor). Buy beck/arnley organics and be done with it. Worry about high performance stoppers then next time you have loose change in your pocket.

Like everyone said, since you already made the bid on ebay for the H.I.D's then pay for those and work out a way to get the brakes.
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