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Help i need advice

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I'm so mad right now. A few weeks ago i went to my cousins shop. He works there and i bought a new viper 7901 vx alarm system w/ remote start and all that good stuff. Now that very same day the heater stopped working. I went back to the shop and my cousin looked at it and said there was nothing he could have possibly done to trigger anything with the heater. That was 3 weeks ago. Today i bought it to my local car mechanic shop and they took a look at it. Their saying they don't want to touch anything and "god knows what they did with the wiring". They said wires were all over the place and it might be a computer issue where the wrong wire was connected and perhaps burned something out. I don't know what to do now, i spent well over 1200 3 weeks ago and i don't have much money to pick up after my cousins mistakes. It's starting to get really cold, but i know going to acura will cost a load of money that i just do not have. Any suggestions? Please i'd really appreciate any feedback. I'm still 18, and it's my freshman yr in college and i make about 150 a week i can't afford to spend time and money on this.
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wow can anyone throw me a bone
This probably isn't great advice, but i'd take it back to your cousin again to make sure he did it right. I know that might not fix it for sure, but to me that would cost the least amount. Then i guess you could go from there again. :confused:
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