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help installing aftermarket speakers

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i have a 1992 acura legend non Bose so im guessing its a base trim. im trying to figure out which aftermarket speakers to replace the ones on my door. what do i look for when buying aftermarket speaker? i read the other threads and the guys have the bose equipped ones and people say as long as its 2ohm. does that apply to me too even though i dont have the bose?
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If you do not have a Bose system, then the Bose curse for audio replacement does not apply to you. To ensure proper fitting, Crutchfield is your best bet.
I'd also recommend getting some of these (Metra Part # 72-7800) they helped with my install, they plug right into the factory speaker plug so you don't have to cut the wires. I've seen them on ebay and amazon as well
ive always replaced my systems with aftermarket but you would need to bypass the factory amp and then you can run almost any speaker you want.
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