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HELP: Locking lugnut key broken

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So I have these locking lugnuts on my wheels. Today when I went to remove the wheels to paint the calipers, I opened the trunk to fish out the key from that little well in the corner. Imagine my surprise when I found the key in two parts!

I had started with the other 4 nuts, and I had to use a 6' long cheater bar just to get them free, so I can only assume that the last time there were at a tire shop, they used an air wrench to put them on and broke the key in the process.

So now what am I supposed to do? I have no idea what brand they are, and none of the local auto stores (Auto Zone, etc.) have the same ones.

Will a tire shop have a drawer full of these things, or will they have to just break them off? Maybe drill them out or something?
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Sorry bro

With out knowing what brand and the code that would have came with them new. Your out of luck.
They will have to break them off.
this happened to me once.
basically you'll ruin a socket but you'll have to do it.

go into u'r toolbox and find a socket that's about a millimeter smaller on all sides of the lock nut. slowly hammer the socket into the nut so that is goes over the nut and gets jammed. then use your socket wrench to turn it. you ruin the socket but the lock will be off.
hope that helps.

something liek that happend to me too, and i did what aiznpride did, except my dad and i used JB weld to weld those two suckers together.
I can't do that, because the lug nut itself is completely round. :(

The only identifying mark on the key is the number "721" stamped into the bottom of it.
yeah, that's why you need to the socket 1 mm smaller than the round nut. then you jam it in there.
or you can weld the socket. but i think most of us don't have access to one.

you take the small socket and hammer it into the round nut.
once it grips, it'll come off.
the JB Weld i was talking about is the liquid stuff that works chemically. you should be able to get at some auto parts stores or home depot.
I went through this last month with my girls ride. I just took it to my local tire shop and included in the price of the new lugs ($25.00) they took the old ones off and put the new ones on.
Let us know how it turns out for you. This is a good thread, I bet that a lot of people have done the same thing and had no idea what to do.
We'll find out tomorrow night. Right now, the two pieces have been JB Weld-ed back together, and I'm using the lug nut (still attached to the car) to keep the center piece aligned with the outside. They say to give it 15 hours to cure, but I have a test in the afternoon, so I'm gonna give it about 24 hours.

If it doesn't work, the local Goodyear shop said that they have a removal "kit" that can get just about any locking lug off without damaging the rim (it does destroy the lug, of course, but if the key is broken anyway, who cares!?!?)
Well, I'm sorry to report that the JB Weld held the two pieces together for exactly 2.4 milliseconds. Looks like I'm gonna have to get them removed at a tire shop. :(

Took the car in to the local Goodyear shop today. They are the ones that said they had a "kit" that could remove them.

Turns out that "kit" is just a drawer full of case-hardened steel sockets. ;)

Finally found the one that fit just right, and with some slight encouragement (and a 5 lb. sledge), got the socket jammed on there, and removed them with an air wrench.

Man am I glad that's over with. Otherwise, I don't know what I would have done. I think the only other choices were very destructive, such as drilling them out, splitting the nut (good luck on that one), or using a torch (which means replace the rims when you're done).

I HIGHLY recommend either getting an extra key for your wheels, or buying a brand that you know will still be around in a few years. Better yet, buy a brand that has a key that amounts to basically a big Allen wrench for a key.
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