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Have '91 4D, 5 spd w/ 150k. Nashville car owened by former country western star (now in Chicago). Recently, I jumped a curb--ran off road by non-insured idiot--and just spent to much at auto body. So I want to keep it running a couple years.

Had 150k service done last year (plugs, plug wires, brakes, struts/shocks, Bilstean oil blow out, tires, etc.) 1 month old battery, fuel, air filter.


I. Will not start on hot, humid days or restart after short trips (3-5 mile). Turns over just fine. If I pop the hood for about 5-10 minutes it will start. [Main Relay?-If yes best fix, please]

II. If I do not drive for a week or so, no power, no turnover [alternator, cellinoid?]

III. I am down to only driver-side electrical window working, (left rear used to work before I banged up right side). Also only half of my seat adjustment controls work. Have had intermintent electrical (some times the "lights left on" chime rings, other bells, work sometime they don't. (Fueses do I just replace them all??)

IV. Non-Electrical- Steering Wheel vibration at both High speeds (80+) and even low speeds (30 mph) when coasting with clutch disengaged. Do need an alienment after curb jumping but it did this before that--is it just old like i see on the TV commercial?

Been paying member for several years--first post--any assistants appreciated :confused: :confused: :confused:

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I. Main Relay, call Acura of Augusta, should be less than $100.
II. Battery is weak, may need to be replaced.
III. Serious electrical issues.....could be caused by main relay.
IV. Since you jumped the curb you said, you may need new tie rods and front end bushings.

One of the members here (Stevieray) just got his front end bushings replaced along with some other parts, talk to him about it.
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