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Help Please!!!! signaling and blinker problems!

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For some reason my blinkers is flashing really fast.... all of my bulbs are still good. but the thing is, my hazard fuse keeps burning out when i signal alot. so i just replace them about every two to three days. then my flasher blinker under the dash stopped working too! so i replaced that and now im stuck replacing the fuses again. wtf is going on here? i have a 91 legend coupe. please help me in anyway u can. thanks in advance - jimmy :confused:
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are you positive all the bulbs are operational?
That is one piece.....another, sounds like you have a hidden electrical problem....recheck all of your bulbs...the one not blinking is the culprit, or there is a short in the wiring somewhere
ok, the chances of having 2-3 bad flashers is not high.
First off, replace your 194 bulbs and the 1156 bulbs or whatever they are in your rear taillight assy. If not, time to break out the trusty Helms/Haynes and a multimeter to check for a short somewhere....have you replaced your bumper lamps with clear ones?
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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