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HELP PLEASrything :) can't get my headlights to come on

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ok. i have a 88 acura legend, all stock. original problem was the running lights werent working, everything else worked fine (brakes, headlights, turnsignals etc)

so i tracked the problem down to the spring loaded contacts inside the 'combination switch' and couldnt salvage it so i got lucky at pick n pull, swapped it out, everything worked fine. did a few other things to put the dashboard back together, went to hook the battery back up and didnt realize i had left the headlight switch in the 'on' position. got a zap, now the headlights will not come on. replaced the headlight relay (just in case) checked all fuses under dash and hood, noticed that the headlight relay no longer 'clicks' when i turn the lights on, so it appears i am not getting any power IN to the headlight relay, but beyond a fuse i cant find im stumped. all i have is a chilton manual and it sucks out loud.

so what am i missing here guys?

thanks for any help!!!
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One of the relays or fuses should have been blown I've been There a few times I kept blowing the green relay under the Hood just go threw then all and check make sure there not messed up Were u can't see
Free download of the Acura Legend Shop Repair Manual PDF file is on my account (First Generation Acura Legend, even though it says 1990):

Here is the weblink to the download (try this first, if it fails then use the 2nd one):


Page 919 (there are 1122 pages in the PDF file) is the Electrical Lighting System Diagram.

The PDF file is searchable using the PDF find function.

Light system pages start on page 918 (showing lighting component locations - relays, fuses, switches).

Jim Lombardi
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Here's a way to test the lighting relay:

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