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help with 98 vs 03 / 04

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Hello all,

I have a 98 acura rl. I've owned it for almost 4 years. I bought it in not the best shape and fixed it up. Its mechanically fine minus one motor mount. The car is not cosmetically that great. The rear bumper paint is coming off, the front grill is a bit wrinkled and the gas door is a different color. The car has 149,000 miles on it. It has new radiator, front struts, michelin tires (2 years old) and batery. So ............ here is the question. I live in Fresno and am moving to Chicago. I was planing on selling the car and taking the family to Chicago in the Hillander. I think that I could get 2800 to 3k for the car. Now I'm wondering if its better to either keep the 98 because I know that its mechanically sound or buy a newer and cleaner version (02 - 04) here in Californina where the cars probably hold up better due to the weather? What would you do?
1. sell 98 and buy 02-04 rl in Califonia
2. sell 98 and buy 02-04 rl in Chicago
3. keep 98 until dead

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The way I see it do what suits you best. If you can sell the car ASAP and able to buy newer model at a fair price I think it's be fine.

When it comes to me I can't sell my 92. My dad put his blood and sweat to get it back on the road with me, he's getting old so I doubt we will do much more bonding on projects. It is I guess a heirloom haha
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