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help with leaky sun roof

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occasionally, when it cold and raining, the sun room seem to let a bit of water in around the seam, and of coure, proceeds to pour half a gallon of it down my neck. :)

any ideas on how to fix this? a new ruber gasket?

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I had the exact same problem with my 88' Accord EXI. THe sunroof used to leak gallons after it rained. The problem was very simple. There is a drain pipe for the sunroof and over time,it gets clogged so you need to clean that out. I took it to my mechanic and he flushed it out somehow. Good luck and hope this helps.

Sim Garcha
1991 Acura Legend LS
help with leaky sunroof

taking it to a mechanic is probably the best way to cure the
COLD water down the neck blues.......but
if you can find the drain tubes,
a compressed air source and small tube can be used
to clear the drain.
in the meantime park the car on an incline (nose down)
and the water will be channeled to the drain holes in the front
of the sunroof.
good luck
thanks guys! anyone have ANY clue where the holes are?

Definitely drain tubes. The rear tubes exit behind the rear wheel wells---you can get to them through the trunk. If you can get access to compressed air, try blowing them clean from the top down. Don't worry about blowing the drain tubes off, either. The clamps that hold them on are pretty damn stout. Later----
i have a big compressor in the garage so compressed air is no problem, so if they exit by the rear wheel and the hose is through the trunk, wher eis the front? like I opent he sun roof I cna look in the cavity and see it?


Yup. There is a hole in each corner of the sunroof frame. If you've got one of the blower guns with the long, thin pipe you're in business. What happens on the rears is not so much that the tube itself gets plugged up but the little "nipple plug" on the end gets full of crap and can't drain. Water backs up in the tube and voila'---you have a sunroof frame full of water. Try tracing the tube to where it exits behind the rear wheels and you'll see what I mean. Good luck---
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