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Help with Spark Plug Wires

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I was changing the spark plugs in my new Legend (more on that later), and one of the metal contact things fell out of the rubber sleeve. I'm going to get a new set (my mechanic recommended it anyway). NGK appears to be the brand of choice around here, but I am having trouble finding them. Does anyone know where I can get a set of NGK blue wires? If not, I may have to go with the (gasp!) OEM, or maybe some other aftermarket brand (in which case maybe one of you can recommend one).

Thanks. :)
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I bought OEM replacements at the dealer - little more expensive but they are good quality and look good.
I bought my oem replacements from A-H motorsport. I think all the wires together cost about $90.
How about these?

I've spent waaayyy too much on this car in the last week, getting it to stop leaking and whining, so I am seriously considering this at the moment.

Enter stock number 9055 in the NGK window. $61.87 +shipping.

I have a set of 8mm NGK sparkplug wires that I ordered from NOPI. They cost me $65 including shipping and handling. The wound on the wires is tight so they look like 7mm wires when infact they are 8mm. They also fit into the factory locations with ease and the performance is very nice. Go to, get the number, and give them a call or you can order them on line. One more thing, the wires are numbered so you shouldn't have a problem putting them in the right location.:)
paulo57509 said:

Enter stock number 9055 in the NGK window. $61.87 +shipping.
Thank you, I just ordered them. Since I live fairly close to this place, I hope I receive them in a couple of days.
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