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My throttle cable got stuck today for the second time in a week!!! I was on the freeway when I floored it and the throttle wouldn't release. The pedal itself was fine, it popped right back up, but the car just kept accelerating. When I put it into neutral, it just revved all the way to redline. I pulled over on the shoulder and killed the engine. The first time this happened (on a different day), I turned it back on and it worked fine. Today, I turned it back on and the car continued revving like a crazy b*tch. I finally got it towed and by the time my mechanic started it up, it was working fine. This only started happening after I got my nitrous installed. It's set up to spray at full throttle and that's when it gets stuck, so I figure maybe they messed up the install? My mechanic disconnected the cruise control cable as a precaution, cuz he said it might be that, but I doubt it. I haven't tried the NOS out yet cuz the bottle I got was defective so I sent it back, but if i do spray and the throttle gets stuck, I'M SCREWED. I'm pretty sure something in the engine will explode viscious with nitrous and a stuck throttle. If anyone knows what this could be, any input is appreciated. Sorry about the long post, but I wanted to give all the info I could.

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look and make shure your throttle wire from inside the car is sufficiently greased.......
Well, I found the problem today. Turns out the idiots that installed my Nitrous DID mess it up. What happens is that the little metal piece that's connected to the throttle cable gets stuck on the nitrous trigger and won't come back up until it's manually forced to. I'm so pissed!!! :mad: That little mess up could have cost me my car if not more than that! I'm not even sure how to approach the shop about this. Should I demand my money back? Should I threaten to sue their asses? That was a very serious issue and very well could have caused an accident. What would you guys do?

-GR :mad:
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