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here are my help YOU

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ive got every mod on my car that seemed worthwhile to me. i didnt pay exhorbitant cash for super custom stuff, which you can. if you have the money you can get ANYTHING done. trust me. I felt that by posting this, others might be able to get some answers for questions that I use to have all the time about mods. Feel free to ask and i'll help the best I can.

Cross Drilled Powerstop Rotors
Axxis Semi-Metallic
Stainless Steel Break Lines
Ferrari break pedals
Weapon-R intake
Weapon-R high pressure fuel regulator
Stainless steel exhaust, high flow muffler [cat back]
Fulda Extremo's 225's on front and back
Carbon Fiber Hood
Chrome Tint
Dynamat sound material
So-Low sound material
waiting to be installed: centerforce clutch, ultralight flywheel

I used to have a chip on the thing too and it was a nice HP addition but it ate too much gas in my opinion and i took it off put the stock CPU back in.

It might sound funny, but i really liked my sound deadening addition. When i had to replace my carpet in the car a shop laid down this sound deadening stuff and it really cut down on road noise.

you'll notice no suspension lowering or anything...I just didnt feel like sacrificing my ride quality for it....which you DO.

Each mod adds performance in a unique way [except for the brake pedals] and I am very satisfied with all of them.

any questions about my mods just email or post
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i've never seen you before, so welcome to the forums. its always good to see g1 modders.

if you've got any pics send em to me

i'd love to add your car...

* have you dynoed yet? i'd be interested to hear how much power your 2.7 puts out.
jd's1990coupe said:

Carbon Fiber Hood
who made it & how much
Re: Re: here are my help YOU


who made it & how much
That's what I wanna know. Cuz It'll take someone as crazy as me to do something so costly to such an old car. The reason I haven't done anything like that is cuz I don't have the megga $$$$$ to shell out. Please, tell me your secreat.
As you probabally know already, the stock braking performance on our legends is rather poor. Do you remember (if you did the brake upgrades one at a time) how each component helped? I've been having some difficult problems with my brakes (sticking calipers and rubbing front pads, soft braking, fadding) which makes me brake way ahead of time. When compared to my mom's ES300 brakes (or even my friends MPV's brakes!!) the legend's brakes feel so very mushy (they felt mushy even before the my current brakes got messed up and also on the older G1 sedan I totaled).

I'm guessing your SS brake lines helped the most...

2nd: did you put 225 tires on the stock 205 rims? Just curious how this helped or didn't help and what effect it has on the tire wear and/or performance.

3rd: what kind of performance gains did you really get from adding an exhaust system. I've been under the assumption that it just makes you loud and adds top speed while taking away power from the bottem end; it also takes away from the luxery quietness of the stock system.

4th: benifits of your intake?

THANKS A LOT for offering so much help!

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Here is a big post response...

hey fellas!

- first time being here and good being here! was surfn the 'net and found another legend pad. when i had more free time i used to post/look over at but that was a while ago.
-car is in TX and im in FL for the summer, so pics and dyno's wont be available until i get back to school and finish some work. [gotta install a new passenger door, couple smaller things]. i wouldnt anticipate huge gains over stock though, cause i only have a few HP mod add-ons [exhaust, fuel-regulator, intake. there is a nice difference though :)

ricdog and C25A:
-the hood was bought through Elite performance out of Carmichael California which in turn had them made by either ViS racing or I M Racing. The problem is Elite is out of business and I dont have the exact info on hand. Please dont quote me on the actual maker as definitive. BUT, the hoods were actually ordered as a set of 5 to lower the price, and I was the 4th guy to put his money down.
probably the most useful info i can give you is:
- that the hood cost 399.00 each with the discount, not including the pins and not including matching paint.
- my hood uses pins, not the OEM hinges and points
- most carbon fiber hoods weigh between 9-14 pounds depending on the technique used to make 'em.
- fiberglass can be had for about 100.00 least for the integra as ive seen 'em around.
- you can spend up to 899.00 for the hood as ive seen some ridiculous price quotes. most shops WILL custom make the thing for you if you have the money. it can be done and you shouldnt have to pay more than 499.99
-- my hood weighs about 11 pounds :)

-I had the rotors and new pads put on all fours at the same time at a local shop [a friend works there; but this can be done by anyone with time and tools]
-My breaking power wasnt immediately improved because my rear calipers where essentially frozen with rust and we were hoping they'd loosen up a bit. they didnt. put new calipers on rear..
-The car stopped very well, much improved but the pedal felt a bit spongy still
-had the SS lines put on [these need to be bent/clamped by a shop so they can fit] and the sponge was GONE.
-result, improved stopping power, hardly any fading [takes a crap load of stop and go to make these puppies fade] and no squeel. The pedal feels solid and I think that alone was worth it. just that solid feel on the pedal makes everything...nice. my old lines did have quite a bit of flex.
- those 225's were put on the stock rims and if my car slides now when i corner, its NOT my tires fault. those things are awesome. I really paid attention to tire wear and gas increase and i'd say my gas increase was minimal. very minimal. fact is, in most cases more tire on asphalt = more friction = more gas consumption. but that is probably more pronounced with 245's and up.
- Tire wear was very even and of course, fast because I use a softer rubber. the fronts wear out about 20 % faster than my rear, but thats because even my 225's spin if I dont watch my rpm/gear :). tire wear is also prone to so many other things like driving style as mentioned, as well as balancing of tire, air pressure, your rods/steering/springs/bearings.
- I use Fulda Extremo's, btw
- i planned things out this waywith stock rims because i couldnt afford new/larger rims. if i was going to move up to 17's or 18's then I would have gone ALL the way to 18's so that I could slap HUGE rotors/calipers on the car but that would have been another custom job and even more cash...i was too impatient to save the dough for rims/custom brakes and my OEM brakes were shot anyways and I didnt have a lot of time....I needed working brakes. a friend is actually going to put 17's on his car with huge rotors/4piston calipers so im eager to check that out.
-My cat back stainless exhaust without a doubt adds top speed and only minimal losses in low end. I didnt go with a huge pipe width but it was a bit larger than stock. I make up for the low end with my intake and HPF regulator. I am very much into a "stock" look and sound but that SS piping sure is pretty. I optioned for a low-tone muffler because I dont like the sound of that 'zippy' rice rocket that most of my friends enjoy. I really cant compare the sound to anything off the top of my head...buts its smooth and NICE, sophisticated even but with the slightest bit of warning. I dont notice a 'loud' sound as you mentioned, but thats because I had sound deadening material put into the car for that reason. I wanted that luxury ride of...quiet. Again, the muffler itself puts out a great sound but not loud.
-My intake was the first thing I put on the car and the impact was immediate. engines love cold dense air and plenty of it. the only problem, is you gotta keep that filter squeaky clean or you will suffer. I opted for the bigger filter and htat was a pain in the @ss to make room for. I cant give you a specific HP increase but its definitely NOT 15hp or whatever most intakes claim. that and those things can only cool the air so much as most intakes that are simple bolt ons take engine air from the compartment, or ambient heat/air. Some newer intakes have come out that 'protects' the air entering your intake from heating up even more by supposedly using material that releases heat but blocks it from entering the pipe....right. At least it sounds nice. Most of my days in Texas are friggn hot [90's] but when it drops down to 70's or below....that engine loves it. that is to say, the colder the air the more that intake works.

My only wish is that I could have Dino'd the car after each HP addition. It would have been cool to compare mod by mod HP gains. Alas, I will just have to accept the results with all of them together.
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I know you said you went a little bigger on the diameter of the pipe. Do you know which exact size you bought? I'm looking to replace mine, and I just took a quick visual, and it looked to be about 2 or 2 1/4". Do you happen to have that measurement?
i dont have the diameter pipe measurement on hand....sorry.

its not much help, but when i get back to school i can let ya know :)
sure thing bro'. when i get back to school i'll have access to the car...

I'm interested in seeing some pictures of the Carbon Fiber hood you have on your Legend Coupe.
where did you get the ultra light flywheel???
Front pipe

How much did it cost you to put in the Front Pipe for the exhaust. The front pipe or header pipe.
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