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Here's my 1989 Legend Coupe...

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i was on the older forums before, and i guess i've just been lying "dormant" but i still have my legend and of course i love it :D

since then i haven't really done much, but now that the weather is nice i'm hopin to continue the modifications.
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right, the image didn't attach for some reason... well here ya go:


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Nice, what kind of Corners are those? They look EDM from that angle. Good paint job too !
I have to say that is the NICEST Gen 1 Coupe I have ever seen!
Low on rice, high on class!
i have to agree with Brady on this one. I have always been partial to the G2's but that is probably the best looking G1 i have seen!

Great Work!
thanks for the feedback guys. the corners i have on there are JDM. JDM corners actually have an orange diffuser inside the housing, surrounding the turn signal bulb, but i took that out so that they'd be completely clear. i think the euro corners don't have this orange diffuser.
never thaught that a G1 can look that good!
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