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If you're not on here make sure you let me know by this friday.Steve Dunn-sedan-rosewood brown (YR-503M)
Leon Millette-coupe-phoenix Red (R-51)
Jessica Won-coupe-Milano Red (R-81)
Artur Leung-Sedan-Granada Black Pearl (Color Code: NH-503P)
Dennis Cacho-Sedan-white (NH - 538)
KEITH MORI.-Sedan-White, (NH - 538)
Kevin T. Diep-coupe-red (r-81)
teo nguyen-sedan-satin silver metallic (nh623m)
Sean Jeon-coupe-black (NH-503p)
Andrew Hoh-sedan-canterburry green metallic (G-75M)
2-Danny Vu-Sedan-Spectra Blue Mica (8M6) and coupe-golden glow pearl(YR502P)
Nicholas DeClario-sedan-Frost White (NH-538)
Rick Wang-coupe-TAFFETA WHITE (Color Code: NH-578)
Spencer Reinhard-coupe-phantom grey pearl (NH-561P)
Jason Sinanansing-Sedan-Cassis Red Pearl Clearcoat (R-82P)
Duane Scott - 91 L Coupe-Cobalt Blue (B54P)
Ken Grohs-Sedan (G-62P)
George Wei-sedan-Sirius White Tri-coat Pearl (NH-515P)
Chi Hoang-Coupe-(NH-578)
Brian Fox-coupe-Frost White(NH-538)
Gustavo Roldan-Sedan-White(NH-578)
Marty Proctor-coupe-white(NH-538)
Albert Tam-coupe(unpainted)
David Rucker-sedan-Green(G 78P) ]
Constantine Tsokas-COUPE-Granada Black Pearl(NH-503P)
rudolph adam-sedan-dark green(GP62)

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Danny, I'd like to order but have the following questions:

1.) To who and when do we actually make payment?

2.) How long will it take for them to produce and distribute the eyelids?

3.) Will shipping be $9 per set? If ordering 2 or 3 will it remain the same?

If you can't answer them right away could you at least ask your source?


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here's what I know, it'll take him about 1.5 weeks to max 2 weeks to make them, once they're done it'll be like 3 or 4 days before you recieve them in the mail. You'll be sending payment direction to him. I will get those info once we're done fighting over a design for coupe and sedan. As far as shipping I will get back with yhou on that.
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