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Hey everyone! Just dropped by after a couple years to catch up!

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Not sure if anyone remembers me or not so here are some pics i posted in a thread in 08'. But lng story short, I sold the car after restoring it completely. I mean everything from all new exterior to mods to interior. And I found out that the person I sold it to totalled it 1 month later. Damn that sucks.... So Im thinkin about getting another to restore for a daily commuter. My toy is my 650 HP Audi S4 :)

Has anyone gone crazy with turbos in here yet? Just curious to see how the mods are progressing with these car. They've always been one of my favorites..

Anyways, heres some pics..



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Hey! Yeah man they are 2004 TL wheels 17"
That is an amazing looking coupe, thanks for sharing the pics. Once my coupe is finished, I'm also planning to black out the chrome trim. I'll be running 17" S2000 wheels, and lowered on Konis/H&Rs so I'm hoping for the same stance as you.

So motivational!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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