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Hey guys, Long time viewer new member :)

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So yea iv been checking out this site since I bought my 1992 acura legend LS with about 342k km about 3 months ago. I will upload some pics of the old girl later today.

all in all,

Car 2000$ cad (overpriced for the amount of km on it )
Maint/upgrades iv done since buying it = about 1.5 k $ cad

K&N filter, Magnaflow cat back ( High flow cat + Glasspack muffler), sacchi s2 black rims, new summer rubbers, new steering rack, few hot oil flushes, Waterpump and timing belt, engine paint, new vibrant vaccume lines,razin voltage stabalizer ( dont mock, was having voltage problems and it fixed them :) ), new rotors and pads all around, rockguard underbody protection ( was free from work) , new platinum spark plugs, new fuel filter. thats all i can think of at the moment.

Im a first year apprentice at hyundai so all the work was free and i get discounted parts so wasnt too too bad.

now at 345k km and just did a upgrade to 5/30 full synthetic royal purple oil, with a napa gold filter (damn k&n doesnt have any apperantly)

But yea guys sure il be seeing lots of you all now as im basically rebuilding fully untill i can afford a new RL engine to swap into it.

names chad if anyone would like to know :) :woot:
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welcome to the forums
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