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Royal Purple!!!!!!!!!!

Have you guys ever tried Royal Purple? Its a synthetic oil and I have been using it in my G1. Also Modified Magazine did an article on this stuff and they say its some of the best oil on the market, and after using it for almost a year myself I concour. They say it is supposed to increase engine life, horsepower, gas milage, torque. All I know is that it works. If you would like to know more about Royal Purple go to Also, the November, 05 issue of Modified Magazine has a full article on page 94. One of the other things I like about royal purple is the longer oil change intervals, the color of the oil is actually purple. One more thing go to and get one of the oil filters they manufacture. You're car will love you for it. I know mine does. Last but not least. My car has over 203,000 miles and counting. That include long trips, high speed runs, and a little racing and I have no problems out of this oil or my engine, I only wish I had used it sooner. Peace and Blessings. Bigs out.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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