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sshhinn said:
WoW~! I feel really welcomed~ thanks guys~!
My mistake..... i should've posted little detail about my car....
well it's an automatic, almost 140k, and th condition will be good to fair~
outside is good, little fender bender on the front passenger side... T..T
and the Passenger side corner light in the front is cracked... T..T
but other than that little scratches here and there..... but it's a 15years old car~~
The car drives fine but there are some minor problems....
1st is it's making little squeeking noise on the drivers side... the noise come and go...

Sounds like a dolphin right? alb pump is dying. pull out the 3 15A fuses labeled ALB under the hood in the fusebox. Unless you wanna dish out 1000+ to fix that pump.

2nd is when the gear is changing from 1st to 2nd, car jerks pretty hard....

Thas the trademark of the 80's Honda. To make it smoother change out your fluid to Honda ATF, and cleanout your solenoids. Use the search function at the top of the screen and type in "Solenoid Clean"

3rd is that i can't find cup holder... T..T

There are a few members who customed one from ford taurus cup holder i think...type in ford taurus cup holder in search.

4th and last prblem is the antenna... the motor is running but the mast gets stuck...
but i ordered the parts from local Autozone and try to fix it myself~
well, that's about all the problems i have so far..... and i'm sure you guys can help me with these things~ so thanx in advance~
i work in retail,so i'm quiet busy now days.... being holidays and all... so pictures... as soon as i take one i will post~
And i just love the car~ it's cool~ never owned a car before... had pickup truck, SUV..
so i'm excited~!!!! Better GAS Milege~!!! YAY~!!

PS: where could i be able to find passenger side corner light? well, i was thinking about may be putting after market euro head + tail lights, but i can't find it anywhere on the web....

The junkyard is also your friend. Euro lights look like a dog side sharted on our car and it would only embarass The Legend if you added any import tuner visuals to this car. JDM lights is your best bet for a clean classy look.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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