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high idle when cold

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I noticed that my 88 legend had been always runing high idle (1000 rpm to 1500 rpm) when it got started first in the morning or parked for a whille. With the weather is getting cold, the idle seems getting higher. I saw around 2000 rpm last couple of morning. Anyone has same experience? Does Legend need long warm up? How to tune down the idle speed?
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do a search.there is an idle adjustment screw around the throttlebody.
The idle is higher when its cold to get the engine up to operating temp, its normal, part of honda's smart PGM-FI
yup, thats right ken, i wouldnt recomend touching that idle adjustment screw unless you replace the IAC or the throttle body. Its pre-set at the factory to work within limits the IAC can maintain a correct idle. In other words, if you turn it too low, at certain temps it wont idle correct while at the cold temps you describe it will idle fine. I would just let the car warm up for about 5 minutes in the morning. I have noticed if i let mine warm up just that long she runs fine and heats up to about 1/4 gauge within 1-3 miles.
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