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okay we are gonna go ahead and change the tone of the horns.
things required:
a pair of horns
16-14Gauge wire, about 3-6 feet
wire cut, strip, and Crimpers
drill and self taping screws. at least 2 screws.
crimp connectors (6) not necessary
2 T-tap wires connectors.

First and foremost you should think about what kind of Tone do you want. the Japanese tones are notoriously wimpy so anything from Japanese car is a NO-NO. Airhorns are a little more complicated than just finding horns that are Electronically activatd without a pump. Decide wether you want these or not. once youhave the horns it is a good idea to check functionality, I messed up and got one that was not working when i got and had to tinker with it. okay enough with the small talk and stalling. On to the fun stuff. First you want to find the lacation of the horns. The low pitch horn is in the engine Bay. It may take a couple of seconds to located it. It is beside the battery box, when standing infront of the car, it is closer to the engine. You should see a grey plug. Unplug this and remove the plug using the wire cutters. make sure not to cut to short:). After doing this take a Crimpconnector and crimp the Blue wire with a wire that you plan to match with it. Crimp and run wire in the chosen path to the front front of car (in front of the Radiator). then do the same for the Black wire. After you have run the wires to the front of the car, pic up your first horn and find the wires on it. After doing this, connect this wire you have chosen from teh horn to the wire from the car. Do the same for the the other wire. Use the T-Taps to connect the horns together i.e tap the wire from positve and run tapped wire to positive of second horn same thing for negative. (the electronic horns are not single directional the will work either way, air horns on the other hand have a pump which must pump the right way so find the negative of this pump and connect to negative from the car and so on with the positive). NOTE: Face horn bell (the part that opens up like a french horn) downward as to not let water and moister set in. I have mine wedged in place next to the light pretty tightly so i had no need to screw or drill but if you have horns that cant do this, you can use the center beam going down in front ot the Cross memember going across the front (the fron side not the topside of the beam) to mount the horns. Drill a holewhere you want to mount them. BE CAREFUL AS TO NOT DRILL INTO THE A/C CONDENSER very bad!!!;). after mounting them check for clearence (this should be done first). If hood does not close nicely then mount on the center beam going down the front of the A/C Condenser. When everything is mounted check horn sound. HEHE you'll notice that there's an odd Hi-pitch annoyance in your horn sound. Thats the Stock HIGH PITCH horn. This horn is located on the LEFT side of the car while LOOKING AT THE FRONT OF IT. You need to get on the ground and reach up you. The stock road shield will be in the way of getting to can pull the bumper forward to ease access or just remove the door where the fog lights would be and get to it that way (cars with "BUBBLE LIPS" 94-95 bumpers will be infinitly easier to get to It) If you have a 91-93 bumper Just remove the little panel like you wuold for a CAI. this horn is right here, the plug has the button to remove it on the back side of it (facing the rear of the car). undue this plug and swing it out of the way.


example. look at the extreme lower edge of this pic. this is my OLD setup. i had 2 BMW horns in conjunction with a Pontiac Bonneville high pitched horn. i have since switched back to Hi and Low pitched Pontiac Bonneville horns.

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