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Houston Legend Meet 6/30 ?

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all you houston people, im down for a meet. let's do one before i leave to austin (before july 8). I'm going to go ahead and recommend a date (if it's not good then let me know).... sunday at 2 pm june 30th? meet at ??? (i have no idea)

cloe!!!!! ill call dana and get your number okie!!! heheee!!
can someone bring a digi cam? i don't have one =(

legend people who want to meet (houston, houston surrounding, dallas, san antonio, etc), call me on my cell 832-483-9057 and leave a message if i don't pick up the phone!

ps im might bring a set of jdm one-piece headlights that i will let go for 450.


Here is the final date, time, and location:

June 30, 2002 Sunday 2 PM Meet at U of H Parking Lot 1A.

Plans after that are to roll out to Bellaire to eat at Sinh Sinh or whatever we all agree to do. Who can bring a digital camera?

Everyone who is planning on going please post your email address or phone number asap. Thanx. :D
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i'll call u later, its late now, wanna post this on ICCH?
yeah i guess i can...

yeah i guess i can just keep me updated i guess...:D
-John Q.-
i'm in for the meet. i just talked to Darith and he is sugesting to meet @ U of H parking lot this Sunday at 2 p.m.
let us know if that is ok with the rest of you guys. give Darith or me a holla if you need to contact us about the meet. this is my number 281-435-9763. i will try to P.M. all of you about this meet

i hope this wasnt today. 6/30 is cool.
sorry got_horns:eek: , i meant to say this sunday coming up. so far it's three of us for sure, i hope for more to come.
johnny quest and bulletzero will come. i talk to em on aim. who else is left?
[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] one weekend I plan to be out of town.....oh well....please post pics after. I wish I could be there. Anyways if you all decide to have another meet later in the summer I can show up with advance notice. I will also get to show off my indash dvd w/ screen unit (to be finished by early July)
6-30 is ok... which parking lot at U-H there are lots of them... plus im feeling stock since my **** wheels havent come in yet... going to call this afternoon and demand satisfaction.
i had to put one of my acura logos back on my trunk after some guy at UH tried to steal them.... dont know why how much is chromed plastic worth anyway?

I would think the parking lot by the stadium would be fine. 6/30 works for me. See ya there everybody.
someone give me butter, cuz im on a roll

sure y not.
hope to see u guys there.
i wont know where in the parking lot, but i can tell if i see alot of legends in one big area, that, that is prolly u guys...
-John Q-:D
god ****, get a map n ish and confirm this stuff. wouldnt it be better to hit up an ezier parkin lot and cruise to a resturaunt. plz tell me we gonna cruise
why cant we just meet at the parking lot directly off 45 south and cullen. its highly visilbe from the road.. .so we could meet up without losing any of our people, then go to a more picturesque environment. Its the first parking lot you see when you first get off the highway and drive torwards the stadium parking lot. just a sugestion.

lol...u ok got_horns? (sorry just funny)

-John Q.-:D
lets meet up @ parking lot infront of hotwok, ez to find and we cant get kicked out, i know the owner, then we can cruise to a resturaunt or something.
DAMMMMNNNN.... i just realized i work on sunday until 4:00. noooooo
got_horns, you can give us a call after you get out of work and see if you can meet us up. We'll probably be on Bellaire or Westheimer after U of H Parking Lot 1A.

Here is the final date, time, and location:

June 30, 2002 Sunday 2 PM Meet at U of H Parking Lot 1A.

Plans after that are to roll out to Bellaire to eat at Sinh Sinh or whatever we all agree to do.

cant u postpone it an hr or two or and a half:D

also, ne1 got a map?
H-town Legends

If its before 3PM,i'll be there send me details about parking lot.I'm a TSU student, not a big fan of UH parking lots(got towed twice),but i'll be down for a meet will hang around my car(in case a wrecker sees an old pal).See you all. :)
How about the new strip mall parking lot behind Sinh Sinh restaurant @ Beltway8 and Bellaire which i've seen so far hasn't gotten too packed yet, and is big enough to still easily find a group of car enthusiasts than all of UH various parking lots. Then we could just walk to Sinh Sinh if that's where we end up.
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