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Houston Meet 7-7 Cancelled

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The meet on 7 - 7 - 02 will be cancelled because I have to get ready to leave for Austin. I had confirmation of Andrew's Skyline Coupe coming, but we'll save it for another meet if he still has his car in the future. Take care guys! Maybe we can do one in the winter time at a better time in the day where bulletzero and got_horns can also come. Looking forward to meet you all at the next meet.:)
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are you like moving to austin or wut? ***** winter is a long time :mad:
I'm already in Austin... =( =D Have chlo3 or johnny quest or whoever , even you to host the legend meet. I can give you a list of some numbers and names.
another meet

hey hey!!
too bad you had to leave sooo sooooonnn Darith. i wanna try to have another meet in about a month or so. my REMUS will be arriving in about a week and also my bodykit. i wanna have everything done before our next meet.

keep in touch guys
Hopefully, I'm still here next month, since i'm thinking of trying out Dallas temporarily for a job opportunity. I got my rims on finally b/f the recent rains so it looks nice, and i'm having my strut bar be shipped in and installed b/f then.

You can probably find me in AIM as "Rockshox72"


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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