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The problem with these, the weapon-r and even the VIS coils is that they are universal with legends, accords and even older preludes. Those cars weight is about 2600lbs whereas the legend is almost 1k + more than that. That is why the ride will suck big time. I had the WR coils on my car for 1 WEEK and drove my car about 5 miles (and that is pushing it) The ride was so bad with only a 1.5inch drop. My struts just kept buttoming out, it was as if I did not even have springs on the car:(

I gave these to my buddy with a 93 accord and with his factory shocks and a 2.5inch drop it was pretty sweet (a little more bounce than i like, but it did not feel like the legend, with the SLAMMING nosie).

Just something to keep in mine.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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