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How do I install my new sound system?

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Hey All
I just assemble all the parts to set up a new sound system; well most of it; I have an installation kit, 600 Watt amp, and 2 pairs of 3 way 160 watt speakers, and a new Shark Attack 2 antenna, no head unit yet plan to get that next month, but in the mean while I want to set up the speakers to factory head unit then swap in the new head unit when I get it. I already read up on where the speakers go and how to dismantle the door to put the front in but I dont know how to run the wires from the head unit to the amp then from the amp to the door speakers. Can you guys tell how do I get them there? This is for my 89 Legend LS Seadan.
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for starters, I would do more reading too, also, call up crutchfield and get their "master sheets" for your car, they are a great source to help beginners put togher a sound system...

acutally, for starters, getting guidance from crutchfield is a good way...:) ...

hard to explain everyting over the net, if I typed each step, it would take much too long :)

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