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Coupes have their ECU's under the carpet on the passenger side footwell. Mine Legend Coupe has this located under the carpet where the passenger rests his feets. So, if you can´t find computer under passenger seat, pull up carpet near foot area and look there. Then pull back the top edge of the carpet and you'll see a little plastic window. The "blinks" LED´s will be found there. The ECU should be located under the passenger seat. I suggest, getting a manual for your car as some cheap insurance. For the ECU, make sure you ground yourself against metal before touching the computer. Static electricity kills computer components !! It is just a couple of screws and 3 plugs. Not more.


- You need to pull out the alternator sense fuse located in the engine compartment. It should be a 10 amp fuse (red). Pull it for more than a minute and that should do the trick. It should clear the ECU codes.

- you can pull the connectors off the ECU.

Mike / Cologne :)

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yes, you can just pull the battery cable. Or, it can be simply done by upplugging the fuse for a few min. The fuse box is right beside your left foot, open it up and it'll tell you which fuse is for the ECU.


i did it last night

when i started up my car in the morning it started like it was warm! usually i have to hold the key in for a bit

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