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How do you program a factory remote?

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I got an OEM factory alarm remote button for my 95 Legend GS. Anybody out there that knows how I can re-program it to work with the factory alarm system? Thanks.


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You can't do it yourself. For starters, I hope you were able to confirm that you do indeed have an OEM keyless entry system installed on your car. If not, that remote is useless. Second, if you do have the OEM keyless entry installed on your car, take that remove the to dealer and pray that they will take it and send to back to the manufacturer (Kenwood) to have it reprogramed to your keyless entry system. They will need the serial number off your keyless entry unit. It is not like a programable aftermarket system, but the code is buned into the remote chip at the factory.
ChrisK....thanks....I'll look into that!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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