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How do you remove the rear side panel for first gen coupe?

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I personally have a sedan but a friend of my recently rolled down the rear(passenger side) side window and i thing the track is disaligned and will not go back up. Anyone have info(or better yet, picture) for how to remove the rear side panel so i can gain access to the window track?

Thanks in advance
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1. Remove all the screws on the door (i cant remember how many)
2. Use a small flat head scredriver to pry open the plastic clips (if the clips dont come apart and they come right off the door, dont worry, you can just push it back on)
3. Lift the door pannle up and towards you.
4. Dissconnect the power window switch wiring
5. Take off the plastic water proof film.
Thats what i did on my sedan.
good luck
Thanks but i am actually need instruction for the COUPE, there's no visible Screw that i can can remove.

Anyone wants to give it a try
Sorry i thaught you wanted it for a sedan.
I have a sedan, but I believe the coupe's rear panel removal requires you to remove the rear seat for access to some bolts/screws.....anyone else more knowledgeable want to chime in?
You need to remove both the rear seat bottom, and the rear seat back to get to the screws that hold the side panels in place. IIRC, I think it's 3 screws. You'll also have to pry up the inside window trim (wedge a flat blade screwdriver under the chrome part just behind the "B" pillar, and pry it up gently - then you can get a hold of it, and pull it up and out). After that, the panel can be pull up and out.
Great help everyone, the window is back on track and everything.

the screws are exactly where you guys said will be.

again, THANKS all
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