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How high is the stock legend off the ground?

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i was wondering how many inches is the stock sedan legend off the ground? someone told me that my car looks lowered, i didnt lower it but i dont know about the previous owner. let me know if u know thanks in advance
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I think thats crazy how the sedan stock is .5" higher. You would think that it would be the other way around. Almost makes me wish now that I had the H&R springs for my coupe. Then I would be REAL low, maybe someday.
Yeah if you look at a stock coupe and stock sedan, the coupe sits higher than the sedan and have a much larger wheel well. The sedan actually looks really low stock already. Most people think it's lowered.

The reason the coupe's overall height is lower than the sedan is because the coupe is flater than the sedan, the sedan is taller.
Yeah people swear my GS is lowered even more so with my 18's on. I guess thats why I haven't been in such a hurry to lower my car and besides I think my wife would probably rip the lower lip off from the front bumper anyway.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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