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How many miles do you get on a tank of gas

  • 210-230

    Votes: 13 15.1%
  • 230-260

    Votes: 16 18.6%
  • 270-300

    Votes: 24 27.9%
  • 300+

    Votes: 33 38.4%

How many miles do you get on a full tank?

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There's quite a difference in gas mileage so This is a poll for how many miles do you get on a full tank if completely full to almost empty lets say 1/8-1/16 tank. with some "accessive " acceleration.

oh yeah this is city driving w/ some hills
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ChrisK said:
I get over 300+, but I have a 6-Speed :)
Same here.
I get around 210-215 a tank. But I'm running 18's so I'm really getting more miles than that . . .
i usually get between 230 to 260 miles per full tank of gas, depending on how i drive (cruise...or dip)...but this all 99.9% city i'm sure highway is soo much more.
I get about 340, but that's running it pretty low.

I have a 95 Coupe auto.
I usually get about 250 around the city and about 320 Freeway.
About 320 mostly freeway until the light stays on
Since I can't add two votes, I'd like the moderators to add another vote for 270-300 miles for my 95 automatic.
I'd say I get about 280 - 300 miles per tank on my 91L.
On my 94 GS, I haven;t really calculated it as yet but I'm sure it is less.
On my 91 I get about 250-280 and when the light comes on I am filling it up (4 gallons left). Spirited/mixed driving. I haven't taken a road trip in my coupe with the Type II yet.

On the 92 sedan religiously gets about 275 city 300+ highway. It is time for a tuneup.

I'm at 346 and the gas light went on and off for a second as I went up a hill so it's getting close to empty.

I usually get around 500-550 kms per tank of ~60 litres
Which is around 15 gallons, and 310-340 miles
Thats driving agressive or 'old lady style'
Thats with the 2.5 litre
I haven't driven the 2.7 for a while so can't remember
350-370 miles per tank
15 gallons (so I still have like 3 gallons left).

I get about 350miles per tank. 23mpg city/ 25mpg hwy (80mph).
It went up 5% after putting in the K&N filter

Chris R
I usually get around 325miles when the empty indicator first comes on.
I usually get 300 miles or a little less. I do either mountain driving or interstate driving. 92 5-spd Coupe.
WOW the numbers are high... i get sometimes barely too 210, however before i added my intake i hit arount 250. on 76 gas. mostly city. hm... was wondering how people get such how mileage on a full tank? Or its just probably something wrong with my engine and have to change something to get that high?
Just this week: 380 miles. All highway. Low fuel indicator was not on. Refilled with just over 15 gallons.
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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