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Hey everyone...

Well the time has come to part with my beloved Legend :(
but a new 330 ci has caught my attention... The legedn really served me well - one of THE best cars ever made imo.

So how much (US$) do you all think I could get for this car? Im selling it in Toronto where legends are quite rare - only about a handful on sale at any time - 20-30.

My car is in very good condition inside and out - leather seats still in good shape with no tears - few lines on the front seats thats all... very clean inside and out - no rust. Original rims.

Its a 1991 L - with heated seats - both are power, and everything in the car works fine. It has 230,000 km on it and still runs like new - tranny is smooth as butter. Among the maintenence that Ive done over the last year (I have the records):

1. Head gasket change at 185,000 KM
2. New radiator at 185,000 KM
3. Timing belt / water pump change at 185,000 KM
4. New O2 sensor
5. Driver side upper control arm changed with tie rods, and front
lower ball joints changed
6. R12 AC Conversion
7, Regular flushes and drains of tranny, engine, coolant, brake,
8. Engine does not burn oil - and no other leaks in the car
9 Brakes are fine with recently changed rotors and pads.
10. Struts and shock sare in good condition.

So how much do you guys think I could get for my car. It is in excellent condition overall. The only thing I need to change is the muffler which is useless now. Should I get that fixed first b4 selling the car - I suppose it would make a better impression with the car really quiet inside as it should be. Do you think that having the maintenance records and having done major repair on it such as head gasket, etc will let me get a better price (i hope so!). And I am the third owner of the car.

Sorry about the long post! Thanks very much for your help!

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How's the body of the car? I know Toronto winters with the road salts are quite harsh on the body. Any signs of rust?

If the body and paint is in amazing condition then I can guess you'd get $9,000 - $10,000 CND.

BTW.. the picture you posted, isn't that a 5 series and not a 330?


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same question for me. i want to sell mine by the end of summer, assuming i have enough money to get something else.

94 GS 6-speed
Sherwood green / tan
Paint is brand new and professionally done
Leather is mint mint mint, except for slight wear on drivers seat
New clutch, rotors, pads, timing belt, water pump, crankshaft pulley, tint (20%/5%)
156,000 miles

the a/c pulley on the crankshaft pulley assembly went, so we replaced it. and while we were working on that, we decided to change the timing belt and water, even though they didnt need.

I know what and stuff says, but could i get more because of how rare the car is? ive never seen another 6-speed gs for sale around here, and I look very often.

it's a florida car, so no rust.

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I bought my car in Toronto with 210,000. Same trim level and condition as you described yours. I paid $8500 last October. My father found an even nicer legend, also a 91 (but an LS!) with 180,000kms for $8,000 (remember we are talking canadian $). It was owned and maintained since new by a Honda Shop mechanic/foreman!!! My dad's a lucky s.o.b.!

Anways, $10,000 would be a bit high for your car, however $9,000 would be a good asking price. Check (although I'm sure you already have).

BTW I'd like to take a look at it - not really in the market for another legend, but I always like window shopping! I could bring my legend and we could compare notes...

PM me!


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You're right about the pic godfather - my bad - wrong one - heheh...

Here's the right one....

Bmw 330

So I guess that the maintenance wont let me up my price - I thought it might since it is major maintenance and the head gasket is a common problem so at least thats taken care of - and the new owner wouldnt have any major maintenence to so now at least....

Also, the paint isnt in perfect condition and does have some stone chips at the front - but when waxed and cleaned it looks really good - and I plan on having it professionally detailed before selling it anyways.... :)

As for rust - the car was taken care of well with no rust underneath - and just one of two small traces on the wheel wells - common problem. I also had it professionaly rustproofed after I bought it with the thick undercoating, doors, everywhere - so rusting is not a big issue on this car.

I'm also gonna set up a small web page for my car with lots of pics and other info on it for the buyers.

KBB says that for this car with the current mileage in GOOD condition, Excellent being tops, the suggested retail price is about $6700 US which works out to $10,500. That might be a bit high I suppose but would the maintenence justify it - or not? The estimated value of the major repairs is about $3000 CAD.

Thanks for yoru help guys!
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