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how much power can i run from an 8 gage wire?

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How large of an amp can i use for a sub with the 8-gage running from battery to trunk?
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If you are running Class D amps with higher efficiency ratings than 50%, you can get away with about 20% more wattage than the graphs indicate.

The cost difference between 4 ga. and 8 ga. is minimal over the 16 ft. run, and the connectors, fuse holders etc. aren't much more either.

The work involved with running either gauge is the same, so I would highly recommmend running 4 ga.

Otherwise you have no room to upgrade, and even at lower wattages the bigger gauge cable is the better plan to prevent stress on your system under heavy usage and/or high temps.
the reason i was asking is because an 8 gauge wire has already been run from the battery to the trunk, and I don't want to replace it if I don't really need to. I might end up doing it though
jus get a 4AWG, better safe then sorry.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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