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How much would a custom paintjob cost on average?

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I was looking at getting my sedan painted Civic Si Blue...any ideas on how much this would cost? I know it's all dependent on the shop and state...but any general figures?

How much more would it cost to have the engine compartment and everything visible painted?
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Good idea about Electron Blue, it would look good on a Legend.
But, the money would be much better spent on a custom turbo.
However, I would say the paint job would cost anywhere from $3000 to $4000. Engine compartment and everything else would probably be alot more.
Really? That much huh?

Well, we can forget about that. It's too bad paint jobs cost so much....I would love to have a Electron Blue Legend. I love how Danny's looks...but I dont think his is the exact color as the I correct in that statement?

Guess I will just have to settle on getting the scratches on my bumpers and skirts touched up...

I bought the car from a guy who took great care of it internally...however...he was older and bumped into stuff a lot...

But, at over $5k below bluebook...I wasn't complaining...
i got my white with blue pearl paint job for 2100 and insurance took care of it. =)

but u are looking in the ball park of 2.5k
yeah, i am thinking about repaint my car to its original color. my clear coat at the roof and trunk is peeling off, and both of my bumpers paint is peeling off. i love my black car and it looks good on a sedan :D
How were you able to get insurance to pay for it?

Wow, you got a pearled paintjob for only $ I mistaken in believing that is a GREAT deal?

I love how a black sedan looks also...but they are so hard to keep clean...especially until we get my road paved...
I know Alexander's Coupe's paint job cost him 13k. Then again its a sick assed paint job!
13k? Dear god...that is more than the value of the car most likely...

I just can't see myself investing that much into my Legend. I love her to death...but that's a whole other car with that money...
my paint job is costing me $600. but we did all the prep work ourselves... sanding, body work, wet sanding, priming, etc... but for $600, im getting 5 base coats and 3 clear. im picking it up tomorrow, so ill post pics of how it turned out...
Sweet, I will be interested to see how it turned out.

Where are you taking it?
inferno said:
Sweet, I will be interested to see how it turned out.

Where are you taking it?
this little shop that was recommended to us by some friends at the paint supply place. its in the tampa area. its a one-man op.
inferno, if i am not mistaken, are you located in sacramento ? i am located in bay area and i need a paint job. if we can find one shop that will do paintjob, probably two cars will save us money. what do you think ?

lemme know.
it cost me about $3500 for my paint job....i had it painted honda s2000 silver stone metallic....
Yeah, I am over in Sac...about 40 miles East of downtown.
Sounds like something we should definately look into.

I think it comes down to me being too cheap to afford a nice, custom paint job though...

But getting some prices would be worth while. car will be out of commision and like 100 miles away...I dont know if I like that idea...
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